General July 2, 2014

My Kitchen Renovation Begins

This month I took a deep breath, committed to my wonderful contractor Jack Litzenburger, and signed his contract to renovate my kitchen. Eight years ago we moved into our home and at closing I said, “The only thing we need to do is renovate the kitchen.” Then the garage flooded and we had to excavate all around our house. Thanks to Jim Proctor and Mancini Ferrara we fixed that problem. Then the roof got ice dams so we hired Kanga Roofing and had the entire roof ripped off. They put on a nice, new architectural shingled roof. Then the plumbing went in the kitchen and damaged our basement so we renovated that. Thank you Chuck Holly from Hollywood Painters for all the painting you have done and Warehouse Carpet for replacing my carpets. My brother, Jay Seaman, put up crown molding throughout the house and of course helped me decorate it with many of his amazing art pieces. Molly Riley has also helped me add many decorating elements. My point is, the house will always be the boss. The best laid out plans typically need altering according to what happens. So here we are 8 years later finally taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and opening the floor plan up. So far so good…we have plastic up to separate the dusty space from the “living quarters” and Erick made a makeshift kitchen to tide us over. We are eating out a lot and when we do eat at home, Owen gets a huge kick out of washing dishes in the bathtub! My only condition was that it had to be done by Sept. 1st. We go away for vacation and return for the big reveal. I can’t wait. Stay tuned as I blog about the process. I will be sharing the names of contractors as well. I’m a huge believer in referrals, so please if you do call one of them as a result of my blog, tell them I sent you! You can also follow me on Facebook.

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