Why Ithaca?

Review this collection of accolades Ithaca has received over the years to learn more about what makes this area so special.

Ithaca featured in "Best Small Cities in America to Visit for a Weekend" on Thrillest Travel. October 2019

Ithaca named one of the "Top 10 American Cities for Family-Friendly Travel" by Forbes.com. June 2019

Ithaca named to the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list by Livability.com. March 2019

Ithaca name the prettiest town in NY on Architectural Digest’s list of “The Prettiest Town in Every US State”. July 2018

Ithaca named to Carrentals.com’s “Favorite Family Road Trip Destinations” list. April 2018

Firelight Camps mentioned in list of “10 Luxury Glamping Resorts that Up-The-Ante On Style & Comfort” by Jetsetter.com. March 2018

Ithaca chosen as a “2018 Featured Destination“ on DatingAdvice.com. March 2018

Ithaca named to the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list by Livability.com. March 2018

Ithaca named to a list of the “Top 50 Most Underrated Cities to Visit in the US” by Thrillest Travel. February 2018

Firelight Camps was chosen as the “Best Yoga Retreat in New York” by Shape.com. December 2017

Ithaca was awarded the title of one of the United States’ Top Emerging Nature Destinations at the Luxury Travel Guide Awards. 2017

Ithaca Beer Company’s ‘Flower Power IPA’ was named one of the “25 Most Important Craft Beers Ever Brewed” by Food & Wine Magazine. January 2017

Nine Best Places to Live Now, Men's Journal

Best Places to Live in After the Pandemic, Business Insider, June 2020

Best College Towns to Retire, The Street, February 2020

Top 100 Best Places to Live, Livability, March 2019

25 Most Innovative Cities, USA Today, November 2018

The Prettiest Town in every U.S State, Architectural Digest, July 2018

Best Towns and Small Cities in the US, The Guardian, November 2018

Best Cities for Entrepreneurs , ranked number 20 out of 50, Livability, 2016

America's Quirkiest Towns, a ranking by Travel & Leisure, puts Ithaca at #3. September 2014

I Heart My City: Alize's Ithaca, an interesting article about Ithaca in National Geographic's Beyond the Guidebook. December 2014

The 16 Greatest Places to Live in America,by Outside Magazine, places Ithaca at #5. October 2014

Best Small Cities For Business and Careers,an article in Forbes, places Ithaca at #12. August 2014

Gimme! Coffee named best Coffee Shop in New York State, from Business Insider. August 2014

Research Institute Calls Ithaca Number One College Town in U.S Ithaca Voice. October 2014

National Universities Rankings, shows Cornell University at #15 in US News & World Reports. September 2014

12 Reasons Why Ithaca, NY is the Best Town in America, Business Insider, November 2013.

"Report: Cornell Ranked 11 Best University in the World," from the Center for World University Ranks and posted by the Cornell Daily Sun. July 2014

"These are the 10 Most Exciting Places to Live in New York," a blog post on Movoto.com, ranks Ithaca as #1! July 2014

"Top 5 College Towns in the Country," places Ithaca as #4 on TravelersToday.com. June 2014

"The 20 Healthiest Counties in New York," cites the report by County Health Rankings that shows Tompkins County in second. March 2014


"8 Best Local Coffee Chains Around The World," an article on FoodRepublic.com puts Gimme! in this elite group. March 2014

"America's Most Romantic Towns," from Travel & Leisure, ranks Ithaca #24. January 2014

"Top 10 Wine Destinations Around the World," posted on the Huff Post Travel Blog, places the Finger Lakes at #3. November 2013

"In the Finger Lakes, Devotion to Riesling Shows," an article in the New York Times praises area wines. October 2013

"Ithaca Named Best College Town in America," in a study by HomeInsurance.com and quoted in The Cornell Daily Sun. October 2013

"Ten Secretly Amazing Cities for Wine Lovers," includes Ithaca on the list at realestate.msn.com. September 2013

"10 Great Places to Live, 2013" by Kiplinger places Ithaca #8. July 2013

B "Best Places for Life-Work Balance," puts Ithaca at #3 on NerdWallet. July 2013

"These are the 100 Smartest Cities in America," as determined in a study by Luminosity and Ithaca takes the #1 place! June 2013

"The 10 Best College Towns in America," an article on BusinessInsider.com, ranks Ithaca #1. Based on a study by the American Institute for Economic Research. January 2013


"Most Secure Place to Live (for Municipalities Under 150,000)," is given to Ithaca by the Farmers Insurance. October 2012

"Best River Towns in America," a list published by Outside Magazine, puts Ithaca in the top ten. September 2012

Top 25 Colleges for Outside Readers, by Outside Magazine ranks Cornell at #5. August 2012

The 10 Best Cities for Millennials, by Moving.com and 24/7WallSt.com gives #5 to Ithaca. July 2012

Prime Workforce Growth, ranks Ithaca #1 among 365 metro statistical areas in Area Development Magazine. June 2012

Finding Employment Right Now, by Forbes, ranks Ithaca as the 3rd best city. May 2012

Top 10 All American Road Trips, by Yahoo Travel, sites the Cayuga Scenic Byway. May 2012

Great Quirky Places to Retire, ranks Ithaca in the top 10 in AARP Magazine. April 2012

Top 10 Small-sized Counties,  by Fourth Economy Consulting put Tompkins County at #4 on the list. April 2012

Most Secure Places to Live b Small Towns, a study by Farmers Insurance, positioned Ithaca at #1. December 2011

"Retire Here, Not there." Smart Money cites Ithaca as a lesser-known gem with lower prices and a peppy economy for retirees. November 2011

10 Best Places to Retire 2012, by US News & World Report, gives #7 to Ithaca. October 2011

Life is Better Here, an article by Outside Magazine, ranks Ithaca among the top 19 towns. October 2011

100 Best Companies, by Working Mother magazine ranks Cornell #19. October 2011

Best Employers for Workers over 50, puts Cornell second according to AARP. September 2011

10 Affordable Cities for Retirement, in AARP Magazine ranks Ithaca #9. September-October 2011

Top 100 Places to Live, by RelocateAmerica.com ranks Ithaca. June 2011

Carless Retirement, an article in US News & World Report, cites Ithaca as a top 10 city. March 2011

Americas Foodiest Towns,(for populations under 250,000) ranks Ithaca #6 in Bon Appetit. September 2010

Best College Town, by American Institute for Economic Research, ranks Ithaca #1 for populations under 250,000. September 2010s

Americas Brainiest Metros, an article in The Daily Beast, puts Ithaca at #7. August 2010

25 Best Cities for College Grads, in The Daily Beast, gives #1 to Ithaca, May 2010

Top 100 Places to Live, Top 10 Recreation Cities, Top 10 Small Towns, all polls by RelocateAmerica.com rank Ithaca. April 2010

10 Great Places to Retire for Wine Lovers, in US News & World Report, lists Ithaca. May 2009

Most Secure Places to Live Small Towns, a Farmers Insurance study ranks Ithaca third. May 2009

10 Best Cities for Job-Seeking Retirees, by US News & World Report cites Ithaca. January 2009

Best Middle Class Housing Markets, by Forbes.com, ranks Ithaca #1. December 2008

9 Great Coffees, in Saveur magazine, gives #2 to Ithacas Gimme! Coffee. October 2008

Best Employers for Workers Over 50  by AARP Magazine, names Cornell #1. September 2008

Where to Go Next: Best U.S. Coffee Bars, an article in Food and Wine Magazine, puts Ithacas Gimme! Coffee at #2. September 2008

The 20 Best Towns in America, by Outside Magazine ranks Ithaca #6. August 2008

Ecotopia, by Forbes Magazine sites Ithaca. April 2008

Seven Places to Retire During An Economic Downturn. Smart Money positions Ithaca at #2.  February 2008

The Smartest Cities in America. Forbes gave #3 to Ithaca. February 2008

Ithaca schools ranked #2 nationwide among metro areas under 500,000 people by Expansion Management Magazine. December 2007

Top 100 Places to Live in 2007, by Relocate America, places Ithaca at #3. April 2007

Best Green Places to Live. Country Home magazine graded Ithaca at #2. April 2007

12 Great Places You've Never Heard Of, in Mother Earth News magazine rates Ithaca as #1. July/August 2006

b12 Hippest Hometowns for Vegetarians, ranks Ithaca in VegNews magazine. July/August 2006

50 Smart Places to Live. Ithaca ranked #8 by Kiplingers Personal Finance. June 2006

Best {Small} Places for Business and Careers, by Forbes magazine positioned Ithaca at #17. April 2006

Top 100 Places to Live in 2006. Ithaca ranked #4 by Relocate America. April 2006

Seven Great Places to Live, by Bottom Line Personal highlighted Ithaca for reasonable real estate prices and a small-town feel with entertainment options. March 2006

College Towns Are at the Heart of the Knowledge Sector Economy, grades Ithaca as #1 City for Knowledge Workers in Expansion Management magazine. March/April 2006

12 Great Places to Retire. Kiplingers Personal Finance rates Ithaca among the top Great College Towns. March 2005

Best Healthy City in the Northeast, by Organic Style magazine votes for Ithaca. September/October 2003

40 Best College Towns Outside U, in Outside Magazine ranks Ithaca #14.B September 2003

Americas Five Best Mountain Biking Towns, in Bike Magazine puts Ithaca in the mix. June 2002

Best Places to Vacation, sites Ithaca among the top in Money Magazine. April 2002

100 Great Escapes: Top 10 Trips, puts the Finger Lakes at #8 in Travel and Leisure Magazine. March/April 2002

American Values: Where to Buy a Retirement Home, in Smart Money Magazine rates Ithaca as one of the best. February 2002

United We Hang Out: 60 Essential Gathering Places that Enrich our Country, an article in Utne Reader names the Ithaca Farmers Market as one of the top. January 2002

Best Fly Fishing Through North America, in Fish and Fly Magazine classifies Ithaca at the top. Winter 2001

25 Terrific Places to Bring up a Family, puts Ithaca among its ranks in Mothering Magazine. July/August 2001

Americas Most Enlightened City, by Utne Reader, ranks Ithaca #1. May 1997