Eric photo 2

meet Eric.

Originally from Westchester, NY, Eric has lived in Ithaca for the last 25 years and has deep roots in the community.  Prior to joining Warren, Eric had a long successful career in the hospitality industry. He was part owner of the wildly popular Mercato Bar & Kitchen and Café Cent Dix on “restaurant row” where he ran front house operations and developed a client-focused approach to the businesses, committed to a personalized dining experience for each and every customer.  Eric was also the beverage director, the unofficial sommelier, and has extensive knowledge about wines from all over the world.  Prior to opening his two restaurants, Eric managed Oliva and Stellas, two staples of the Collegetown dining scene.

In a service-focused job, Eric doesn’t believe in a one size fits all method, but rather a customized approach based on individual client needs.  At the core of Eric’s client-focused approach is a very simple idea: make your customers happy.  It was this strategy that earned him success with his restaurants and a guiding principle of how he works with real estate clients. Each client brings their own unique experience and perspective and Eric’s belief is to cultivate strong personal relationships to deliver on expectations and make his clients happy.

Eric is also a skilled and highly accomplished musician.  He’s been on several European Tours with his indie Rockabilly surf-metal band The Mofos, has played venues throughout Ithaca and New York State, and still records music in a studio set up in his house.

Eric is excited to work with you to find your next house or sell your current home.  He’ll even help pick out the perfect bottle of wine once the deal is closed to help celebrate this new chapter of your life.