Recoup More than 70% of the Cost of Your Exterior Home Improvement

Interested in making some improvements to the exterior of your home? Consider these 7 ideas from John Riha’s article: “What Home Improvement Projects Give the Most Value?” on

The Percent of Investment recouped was calculated by comparing the National Average Cost to the Value of Resale (these numbers you can see in the original article by clicking the link of each improvement).

1. Vinyl Siding — Recoup 72.9%

2. Fiber-Cement Siding — Recoup 79.3%

3. Steel Entry Door — Recoup 85.6%

4. Wood Deck — Recoup 77.3%B 092

5. Wood Replacement Windows — Recoup 73.3%

6. Garage Door — Recoup 75.7%

7. Upscale Garage Door — Recoup 75.2%

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 12:19 pm
Kathleen Seaman | Category: General

One response to “Recoup More than 70% of the Cost of Your Exterior Home Improvement”

  1. Josh says:

    How much could I recoup if I replaced functioning windows with dual-paned windows, I wonder? It really seems like a small project, but I know it can be costly. Would it be worth it over time?

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