General June 18, 2014

Introducing Ryan Mitchell

I’ve been super busy! In my line of work, it is a very good thing this time of year. I’m grateful for my loyal clients, my referrals and all my new customers. Five years ago, I hired an administrative assistant to help me stay on top of all the paperwork, entering data onto the numerous real estate websites and to manage my expenses. After two failed attempts, I met my current assistant, Katie Barry. She has been an incredible asset to me and I am grateful for her each and every day. She is the one that keeps me organized so I can do what I do best, sell. People often don’t realize all the work and expense it takes to be a Realtor. I honestly don’t know how some agents do it all by themselves. This year I took a big leap of faith and added a Buyer’s Agent to help me better serve my clients. There is only one of me and many times I am needed at several places at the same time. I knew I couldn’t continue to manage my business without help so I started interviewing. I am so pleased to announce that I will be working with Ryan Mitchell. Ryan will be an exclusive Buyers Agent to help me better serve my clients. He comes with great enthusiasm and energy and he already has fit right in. The next time you see me, I might be with Ryan. Be sure and say hello.