General December 9, 2013

How Ideal is Your Home?

Compare what you currently have with what John Riha identifies as “The 9 Features of an Ideal House,” on These nine features not only make a home more enjoyable, but also add value — always a perk.
Here they are:

1. One Floor Living — single stories are easier to maintain and temperatures are easier to regulate.

2. Nine Foot Ceilings — 65% of respondents to a National Association of Home Builders survey said they prefer 9 ft. ceilings over 8 ft.

3. Southern Exposure — solar gain in winter, excellent for solar panels and plants/gardens.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces — decks and patios are desirable to home buyers and have high return on investment.

5. Maximized Insulation

6. Separate Master Bedroom

7. Low-Maintenance Exterior — vinyl siding and fiber cement are two good options.

8. Great Storage

9. Ergonomic Touches — like wide doorways, levers instead of doorknobs, curbless shower, rocker light switches