General February 22, 2014

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Today I felt a little bit of spring fever. The sun is shining, the temperature is mild, snow is melting showing walkways and sidewalks again and the birds are chirping – all signs that spring is near. Whenever there is a change of season I am motivated to make changes of my own. A typical change for me in the spring is to organize my home by de-cluttering and then rewarding myself with fresh paint in one or more rooms in the house. They say, and don’t ask me who they are…that walls should be freshly painted every 7-8 years. It’s funny how we get used to how things look in our house, whether it is a table we added in a dining room for the kids painting project two years ago that never left, the crown molding we never quite finished or the dingy, stained walls in the kitchen that desperately need a fresh paint job. So tomorrow is Sunday, my day off. My plan is to go through the house and decide what changes are needed, what “clutter” needs removing and then I’m going to reward myself by freshly painting my bedroom and bathroom. I am excited!