General March 13, 2014

Ithaca, a Place to Experience All Four Seasons

It’s March 13th and we just had our 7th winter storm of the season. The temp is 7 degrees, but it feels like -13! The funny thing is, I really don’t mind. I love living here because I get to experience all four seasons in all their glory.

I’ve lived all up and down the east coast and even some of the mid-west and no place compares to Ithaca, at least to me. I lived in Florida for over a year and I couldn’t wait to get back to the NE. I needed to feel, smell and breath the fresh air that I was only experiencing in my dreams of Ithaca. When I finally returned in 1999, I knew I was back home and never wanted to leave. Where else can you experience full blown snow storms that force you to batten down the hatches, snuggle up with your family by the fire and giggle as you look out the window and watch the snow pile up wondering if there will be school tomorrow? When you wake up you can’t wait to pull the shade to expose the winter wonderland of snow covered trees and branches, it’s beautiful!

Then when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, it melts and exposes little signs that spring really is coming. First come the snow drops scattered around the garden, then the daffodils and tulips (if the deer haven’t found them first!) and you know that the long winter is finally behind us. I look forward to long walks in the crisp air as I observe all the other signs of rebirth. I breath in the smells and I feel rejuvenated. You don’t get to experience this in many places people call home. I love it here in Ithaca where we get all four seasons and I can’t wait to see the snow drops. If we have another snow storm, don’t lose hope, the snow will melt quickly and…Spring is inevitable!