General August 5, 2014

Kitchen Renovation Update


My renovations are going really well. Just like many people, we added a few things here and there, the biggest was that once the wall to the dining room opened up, I felt we just had to add hardwood floors. Since this is where my husband had put together what my daughter called, our kitchen for now, we had to “relocate” once again, this time to our basement. We accept any invitation for meals, go out, barbecue a lot and use mostly paper plates. It’s not so bad and considering the payoff, I’m hanging in there better than many thought, including me.
My contractor, Jack Litzenberger, continues to stay on track, on time and most importantly on budget. He arrives with a smile and a positive attitude everyday and cleans up before he leaves. He keeps me updated as needed and when he asks for a draw he sends me a line by line analysis of what everything has cost so there are no unknowns. He basically has exceeded my expectations. Many warned me that it will cost way more than the estimate and take way longer than they say. I know there is still a month of work to be done but I have faith that he will deliver on his promise. Done by Sept. 1st on budget.
My decorator, Mollie Riley, is always super positive and full of great ideas and resources. She found my hardwood floors (under budget), recommended great colors to help it all flow and come together and found amazing light fixtures that are so me! Every kitchen must have a little bling and mine is no exception. Thank you Mollie!
Since my last posting the sky lights went in, by far the most dramatic change! Light pours in even when it’s dark and dreary outside. Last week the drywall went up, walls got painted and it started to take shape. For now, I’ve posted the photo of the drywall going up. As we speak the cabinets are going in! It’s really happening and I can’t wait to see the final product.