General February 19, 2015

Thinkfresh Interiors

At the start of the New Year I received a nice letter from Karen Governanti at Thinkfresh Interiors.

I have known Karen for several years and have consulted with her on my own home. She was able to come in and take a “fresh” look at some of my design challenges. She offered up some wonderful solutions that I have incorporated into my home. I appreciated how she used many important pieces that I love and she identified my style before I really even knew what my style was.

It occurred to me to share Karen’s letter as part of my blog, as I think that her ideas are great and something that I would like to share. Karen is an excellent person to work with, so if you are thinking of updating any spaces in your home or need help staging your home for sale or just need some help organizing, then you should consider giving her a call.



“I continually look for innovative and exciting design trends for home and business, while always keeping in mind how well these trends will withstand the test of time.
–I still see all different shades-of-gray as a neutral that will be around for many years to come.

–Pastels have made a return to the living room; but so have rich lush velvets and textural linens in every color imaginable.

–There are fabulous new and more practical options in flooring and floor coverings. Most have become more reasonably priced.

–Inventive new materials for wall coverings, cabinets, hardware and fabrics are very simply amazing and exquisitely handsome!

–Recycled and renewed materials and furnishings have become part of almost all new designs of every style.

–And smaller scale homes with beautiful and peaceful views are becoming a popular choice for new construction and living.

–Modern is still big, bold and spare but sometimes there is a softening of the edges to give it more appeal. I sometimes view this more malleable modern as being the new traditional, as so many clients are requesting the look.

Comfort and ease are at the forefront of every one of my designs. Visually coordinating all the elements to bring beauty, function and balance to a personalized space is what I find most gratifying.

Id love to hear from you so drop me a line or send a photo to let me know how you and your spaces are doing.”






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