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Staging Before and AfterStaging is an important and cost-effective strategy you can use in the selling of your home and one I recommend it to all of my sellers!!! On occasion, I am met with hesitation and a sleuth of questions as to why their home needs to be staged and how they go about doing it. Because its such an important part of the process I’ve compiled following tips for success.

THE GOALS: Of course the ultimate goal is the sale of your home but before that can happen you need to attract qualified and interested buyers. Staging your home will achieve this goal and brings many other perks

  1. A big return on your investment!!! On average for every $1 spent on staging a home, the selling price will increase by $2
  2. Your house will sell much faster
  3. You will grab and maintain the attention of potential buyers
  4. A staged home will photograph better and make a bigger impact on internet shoppers
  5. You can highlight the positives and unique features of your home
  6. Money spent on staging your home may be tax-deductible
  7. Staging is relatively inexpensive, 1% of your homes value is all your need to spend

HOW-TO: Staging your home doesn’t have to be complicated, here are some basics:

  1. De-personalize: Buyers want to be able to picture themselves in the house- and that means putting away your photos and other sentimental items
  2. Maximize: Declutter and maximize the area in your home. Stuffed closets make your closet space look insufficient, so consider storing excess belongings offsite. Remove any furniture that isn’t in use, and keep countertops and other surfaces clear of clutter.
  3. Sanitize: Clean your home to make it much more appealing to prospective buyers. Enhance the open feel with white bath and hand towels on display in the bathroom and get matching hangers for your closest. Make sure the kitchen is spotless and pay attention to high and low areas like baseboards and ceiling fans.
  4. Modernize: A dated-looking home means a lower offer, so modernize your home wherever possible. Small changes, like replacing old fixtures or removing hand-made C)core items like doilies can make a big difference. Small repairs are also a must.  That doorknob that doesn’t quite work right. now is the time to replace it!
  5. Neutralize: Keeping a neutral color scheme throughout your house can help your buyers envision themselves in your home. This usually means you’ll need to paint some rooms in your house, especially very bright or loud colors. Emphasize any natural light your home gets using a mirror and subtle lamps. Keep your curtains and rugs neutral or choose ones with subtle designs.
  6. Set the Stage: Pretend your home is a stage and set it up so that potential buyers can easily play the role of living there. Set the dining room table, add a vase with fresh flowers for a beautiful focal point, and create a seating area on the porch with iced tea and drinking glasses, light candles and/or turn on ceiling fans. The goal is to create action within the home without personalizing it.

WHEN TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Selling a home can be a very emotional and stressful time and it’s usually very hard for sellers to be objective when it comes to staging or removing personal items from their home. If you have a high emotional attachment to the house you’re attempting to sell I highly recommend hiring a professional to help make the process easier.

Here’s a list of local professional to consider

  • Beth Hogan | 607-339-1474
  • Steve Bowman | 607-351-3540 | 607-277-7240
  • Thinkfresh Interiors | Karen Governanti | 607-256-8331 | 607-229-5003
  • ReDesigning Women | Bonnie Geiger & Jayne Obialero | 607-533-7840
  • Bloom Designs | Ramonda Schwieder | 607-846-1178 |
  • Get it SOLD Home Staging | Jennifer Sullivan | 607-592-7963
  • Jennifer Gemmell |

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