General October 16, 2015

An Active Fall Market

An active fall marketfall-front-door

After the lively and sometimes chaotic spring and summer season of real estate most of us welcome the slower pace that autumn can bring. Kids have returned to school and everyone is back into their respective routines. Although generally the colder weather does signal a slow-down of the market, that’s not always the case and is definitely not the case this year!

We have been fortunate to see a VERY active fall market in the Ithaca area thus far!!B Autumn can be an amazing time buy or sell
; here are some tips to get you started-

Selling in the fall:

  1. Get Serious:
    • Fall and winter are not good times to test the market. When selling in the fall it is very important that you’re dedicated and motivated to sell. You’ll also want to make sure you have a game plan should your home sell quickly. Many buyers will be motivated to close before the holidays so you’ll want to be sure you can accommodate that whenever possible
  2. Pay Attention to Price: Price is important in all seasons but even more so in the fall and winter. Serious buyers are looking at new listings no matter what season. In fact, selling in the fall may be beneficial in that more often than not only ready, willing and able buyers continue their search year-round. BUT, if your home is overpriced you’ll lose out on those prospective offers.
  3. Create Curb Appeal
    • Fall can wreak havoc on your yard. Curb appeal is important year-round but even more so as the temperature turns and landscaping may not be at its best. Keep leaves raked, buy some planted mums or pumpkins to brighten up the entrance and keep your window boxes full. There are plenty of hardy floral and plant options that will keep your home looking great!
  4. Get Cozy
    • Although buyers may not be as concerned with the heating of a home when its 80 degrees out- when fall and winter arrive, this will be a top priority. It’s a good idea to get your fireplace and HVAC system cleaned and certified before listing your home. Its also a nice idea to create warmth during the showings. Light the fireplace, open the curtains to allow in natural light, add a pop of color to a neutral sofa with a throw or decorative pillow, and fill your home with the scents of autumn like cinnamon or pumpkin.pop of color

Buying in the fall:

  1. Do your research: One of the best reasons to buy in the fall is the ability to capitalize on stale listings. If a home has been on the market for the majority of the spring/summer and still hasn’t gotten an offer, the sellers may be more open to negotiating in lieu of having their home.
  2. Be prepared
    • Sellers are just as motived to sell as buyers are to buy in the fall. Make sure you’re ready and able to make a strong offer by getting pre-qualified from your bank. And although, NOT impossible- try not to have your offer contingent on your current home selling. Again, sellers are motivated by the upcoming winter season so an offer contingent on another home sale may not be in their best interest.
  3. Consider a pre-offer inspection
    • If your goal is to be in a new home by the holidays then consider doing a pre-offer inspection. This way you are alerted to any red flags before you put an offer in on a house. If everything checks out you’ll be able to move right on to applying for your loan immediately after your offer is accepted. If time is of the essence, this can save you up to two weeks!!
  4. Everything happens for a reason
    • Buying a home can sometimes be a stressful more even MORE so if you’re hoping to do it within a certain time frame. Fall is a great time to buy, you may have more bargaining power and there are tax benefits of buying before the years end. However, it’s important to relax and not rush into anything. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you will be happy in your home for years to come. Don’t settle on what’s most important just because you can get a great deal


If you or someone you know is considering buying or selling, please reach out to me. I am here to help, no matter what the season!!