GeneralWarren Real Estate June 2, 2020

Real Estate Offices Now Open

As you may know many regions of New York have moved on to ‘Phase 2’ of the Governor’s re-opening plan, Ithaca and the Southern Tier included. We’ve seen a great deal of changes to our industry over the last couple of months and as we transition back to a new version of normal we’re here to meet your real estate needs while keeping the health and safety of everyone at the top of our priority list. Warren Real Estate offices have re-opened and it is now permissible for agents to host in-person meetings and showings with their clients. However, there are new guidelines and protocols that need to be followed by both agents and our customers/clients. Below is a message from our Broker, Bryan Warren on what to expect in this newest round of changes. Where appropriate we’ve included links to the various forms and documents mentioned.

Thank you for entrusting our team and Warren Real Estate to handle your real estate needs in this evolving time.

Be well,


Dear Warren Customers & Clients,

We hope you and your family have been well. It has been a long few months but we are excited and honored to once again be able to provide more comprehensive services to our clients. Although the real estate industry was deemed essential, our in-person services were very limited until recently.  All Warren Real Estate offices in New York are located in the Southern Tier region on the NYS re-opening regional metrics map.  We are excited to report that the Southern Tier is in Phase Two Reopening meaning we have officially been given the Green Light to conduct in-person property showings while adhering to social distancing and required PPEB safety guidelines. We want to share the following guidance with you.


  • If you have a mask, please bring it with you to all meetings/property showings. If you do not have a mask, please notify your agent prior to your meeting or showing.
  • If you have gloves or hand sanitizer, please bring them/it with you to all meetings/property showings. If you do not have any, please notify your agent prior to your meeting or showing.
  • Be prepared to sign NYS required health questionnaire and Warren Real Estate’s COVID 19 Disclosure.
  • If you have a property that will be shown to potential buyers, protect yourself and others by opening doors and turning on lights to help minimize the amount of surfaces that have to be touched. Buyers should only touch essential surfaces.


  • Showings will only be allowed in unoccupied (e.g., current owner or lessee is not inside the property) or vacant properties.
  • Only one party visiting the property should be allowed inside at a time. NOTE: If more than one party is inside the property at the same time, 6 feet of distance must be maintained at all times between individuals, and face coverings must be worn.
  • B Showing appointments should be scheduled in advance, when possible.
  • The number of individuals viewing a property at any one time during all showings and open houses will be limited. If multiple parties (from different households) arrive for a showing at the same time, Individuals will be encouraged to wait outside until their turn.
  • Stagger showings in order to avoid the congregation of people outside and inside properties.
  • Avoid showing common building amenities in-person (e.g. gym, roof deck, pool). If the common areas are shown licensees must ensure that those areas are frequently cleaned and disinfected and appropriate social distancing of 6 feet is maintained for all parties at all times.
  • Please do not bring young children or extraneous guests to property showings or leave attended children outside.


  • B Prospective tenants/buyers should only touch essential surfaces (e.g. handrails going up/down stairs if necessary) during their time in the property. Other areas or surfaces such as cabinets, counter-tops, appliances etc. should not be touched by tenants/buyers.
  • Employees, salespeople, agents and brokers will clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces (e.g. handrails, door knobs etc.) before and after every showing.
  • Licensees should limit driving in the same car with prospective tenants /buyers. If this cannot be avoided, face coverings must be worn by everyone in the vehicle and frequently touched areas of the vehicle should be cleaned and disinfected.


  • Licensees are encouraged, but not required, to conduct remote walkthroughs rather than in-person walkthroughs (e.g. recorded/live video), where possible.

Due to the nature of our current environment and the NYS requirements for re-open, we have two new documents that are required for Warren Real Estate Clients

  • New Health Questionnaire
    ALL customers/clients must complete the COVID Health Questionnaire if they will be visiting properties or Warren offices or meeting face-to-face with a Warren agent. This is available on our website or through your agent. All Warren Real Estate employees and agents have been required to submit their questionnaire to return to work.
  • COVID-19 Disclosure
    ALL Warren Real Estate buyers and sellers must complete the COVID Disclosure. Occupants of homes listed by Warren Real Estate (including tenants) are also encouraged to complete the disclosure. This is available on our website or through your Warren agent.

Please check out (bCovid 19 Updatesb) for all resources related to buying or selling during this time, including plans, forms and links. Your Warren agent is armed with experience and knowledge to guide you through to a successful real estate closing. It is more important than ever to have a superior real estate professional and advocate on your side.
We understand that although it might not be business as usual, we are operating full service while taking the health of you and our community very seriously. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for your business. It is our honor and we are privileged to serve you.

Best Regards,
Bryan Warren, President
NYS & PA Lic. Real Estate Broker, WARREN REAL ESTATE